About Us


Our family-owned business is pleased to offer a large assortment of products at great prices – whatever you need, we’ve got it in stock. With over 50 years in business, we’ve got the experience to help you with whatever you may need.
Providing factory direct deals on cool, useful and trendy products

Providing liquidation deals on brand name products


    We are always researching the latest cool, useful and trendy products so you don't have to. We work hard to find products that meet a high quality standard working through factory direct channels that we've developed over the years.  We only list products that we are confident will give our customers great value and customer satisfaction.  Unlike so many other marketplace websites out there, we do not allow 3rd party sellers to list products on our website, every product is sourced and vetted out by our Deals and Liquidations team. 

    Our factory direct "Deals" often take a bit longer to arrive but they are worth the wait! 


    Our "Liquidation" deals are typically brand name products that you'd find in retail stores but at a fraction of the price.  How can we offer them so cheap?  We find amazing deals through retail closures, overstock and excess inventory that is liquidated for pennies on the dollar.  As more and more shopping shifts from brick and mortar stores to online retailers there are more opportunities for us to find great opportunity buys that result in huge savings for our customers.

    Our "Liquidation" deals are almost always shipped by us from our Oakville, Ontario, Canada location so they arrive in days and not weeks.  We are very conveniently located near the USA border allowing us to ship in a few days via USPS to our American customers as well.