Garnier Hair Color Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color, Pink Pop

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Color Styler is Intense Wash-Out Color with Revolutionary Color Coat Technology. It is an ultra-easy application for any style. Clay-based pigmented formula creates a thin color-coat on the surface of the hair fiber without damaging it. When it dries there is no rubbing off or staining. And it washes out in 2-3 shampoos. Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Haircolor can be used on all hair colors, types and textures. Depending on your current hair color, your Pink Pop result will be different. The color result and length of time that it lasts may vary depending on your current hair color and condition

  • Lasts 2-3 shampoos, zero damage
  • Immediate results, no rubbing off
  • Ultra easy application for any style
  • Multi-application